My secret of making CGPA of 4.94: I did not have a girlfriend - Best Graduating Student

The Ogun-born Ogunlana finished from the Department of Political Science, College of Business and Social Sciences with CGPA of 4.94.

The overall best graduating student of the Crawford University, Igbesa in Ogun, Samuel Ogunlana, says he avoided campus romance just to achieve his dream of becoming the best student.

Ogulana said to focus on achieving his lofty dream, avoided campus dating by streamlining his social activities, especially interactions with opposite sex which might distract him.

“I did not have a girlfriend all through my stay on campus because I always thought I might not be too committed to any relationship which may cause a distraction.

“My social life was okay, though comparatively. I made sure that I compared and if it doesn’t fit into my time, I make sure that I just stay absent from the occasion.

“My friends grumbled that I was too studious then and that I hardly socialised or had time for them. I also had a lot of complaints from my 100 level days.

“Many who did not understand me will always complain that I was too studious and serious, some of my friends actually criticised a lot,’’ he added.

Ogunlana said in spite of the barrage of criticism, he remained focused to his dream, adding that he waited for four years before securing admission into the university.

“But then, you just have to make friends at times, I just had focus. I related with people who can understand that I am always available for them, but it was restricted.

“Whenever I am busy, I am busy, so those who could understand did accordingly. I am determined in the pursuit to acquire university education.

“I have a strong desire for sound university education and it eventually paid off when I gained admission into the university on Sept. 16, 2013 after four years of waiting to secure entry.

“I was privileged to be among the leading students to gain admission into this institution in 2013. There and then, I pictured what I wanted to achieve,’’ he said.

Ogunlana told newsmen that the journey through the university was not a smooth ride considering the fact that his grandparents were solely responsible for his upbringing.

“My journey through Crawford University was not just a smooth ride, but remarkable. I experienced numerous academic tutelage and learning.

“More so, biblical teaching on Godliness for salvation and going to chapel also helped me with this transformation. I combined diligence and commitment toward my academic excellence throughout my university days.

“The book of Proverbs, Chapter 22 verse 29, says “seeth thou a man diligent in his business? He shall not stand before mean men. However, it is not all about hard work but also the grace of God.

“I lost my dad at 10 years of age, and I was catered for and sponsored by my grandparents. Thank God I am able to achieve all I ever wanted while in school,’’ he said.

Ogunlana said that in spite of his quest for being the best, he was able to combine other social activities to give his stay on campus a little spice.

“I don’t think there was nothing I did not do in school because I actually accomplished all in Crawford University, going from leadership to academics and social life.

“I held the positions of the post of the Vice-President of Crawford University literary and debating society where I seek to encourage and inspire both new and old students are on academics, socials and career development. I was also a speaker of the Nigerian Association of Political Science students.

“I was also the Chairman of Students Electoral Committee (NAPSS) Crawford University chapter.

“I can say to an extent that I read a lot, but I spend most time in the library,’’ he said.

Source Guardian

Posted April, 22 2018

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